Facts About Queen Creek and San Tan Valley

With a population over 35,500 in Queen Creek and 81,300 in San Tan Valley they really have the small-town feel! But they are doing nothing but growing! Queen Creek and San Tan Valley, AZ like most towns in the east valley started out as a farming community- but if you think about that- farming in the desert? How could that be a good thing? We have SRP to thank for that in turn to have the ability to sustain over 6 million people in the valley, today.

Queen Creek is one of the youngest cities in the East Valley, less than 15 years old. They have held on to their farming roots and some amazing businesses and entertainment has sprouted from it. But the most important thing you need to know is Queen creek is a municipality and San Tan Valley is not. Why is that important? Living in Queen Creek you have all your emergency services included in your taxes. So that means living in San Tan Valley, at least for now means you must pay a 3rd party for these services called Rural Metro. This fee can be from $350 a year to $1,200 a year depending on total roof size.

Queen Creek and San Tan Valley are sprawling. Here is a map of Queen creek and a San Tan Valley map . Queen Creek has all the great things most cites do: a fantastic public library, a growing downtown hub, a mall for shopping, a recreational center and many parks, but some with a twist. Queen Creek is all-a-buzz in winter and spring with Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre and San Tan Regional Park for hiking, biking and riding your horses. Queen creek also has a blooming theater arts program. On top of that, there is Schnept Farms home of the peach festival in spring with many events on site, and the Olive Mill with live bands every weekend. Throw in the ever-growing Country Thunder and have a night roasting marshmallow and country dancing at San Tan Flats and you will want to put some cowboy boots on!

Queen Creek and San Tan Valley still believe the small business owner rules! It has a growing job market, but not many large corporation have found them, yet! Some of the largest companies employing folks are the big home builders like Pulte, Meritage. What life is like in these towns is laid back and peaceful. They have a street light ordinance, so on a clear night you can see so many stars and even the milky way!

In addition fortunately, there are abundant opportunities to golf, bike, hike, camp, boat and fish all within 30-45 min away. There is such a great support for this community including physicians, pre-schools, charter schools only 15/20 minutes to Phoenix Gateway airport or 45/50 min to Sky Harbor, coming and going is as easy as 1,2,3!

Bottom line, Queen Creek or San Tan Valley are solid choices for a relocation from another state or from somewhere local, they have what you are looking for and so much more! Me and My team would be happy to help you find the perfect home-- Complete our custom home search request form and we'll create a home search customized to your needs.

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